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Use Coupons? You're Smarter, Richer and Hipper Too! Poll Finds That Certain Types Use Online Coupons
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AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- According to a recent poll (conducted by MyType), smart, rich (making between 100-200k a year), socially responsible people who value the environment, are extroverted and imaginative use online coupons. Those consumers who are neurotic, angry, insecure, careless procrastinators who make less than $50,000 a year do not.


Do the online coupons make you smarter, richer and more imaginative? CEO, Cotter Cunningham has some ideas to explain this trend - "Online coupon use is an informed mindset. Once you learn how easy it is to save money with our coupons, you wouldn't consider shopping online without them. But most folks today don't realize there is a coupon for just about every store where they shop online. As the study shows, liberal, rich, ladies in the Northeast are already saving money by using online coupons.'s mission is to spread the word on online coupons, so that everyone in this great country can save money shopping online."


Profile of a coupon "lover":

-- People with household incomes in excess of $100,000 per year are roughly two times more likely to be coupon lovers.

-- People who identify themselves as extraverts and imaginative are respectively 47% and 25% more likely than others to favor online coupons.

-- Women are 67% more likely than men to be coupon lovers.

-- People who consider the environment of utmost importance are the most likely to be coupon lovers - 37% more likely than others.

-- College-educated people are 78% more likely than the non-college educated to be coupon lovers.

-- Parents are 48% more likely than non-parents to be coupon lovers.

-- Northeasterners are 66% more likely than West Coasters to be coupon lovers.

-- The middle-aged are more likely than younger generations to have a strong opinion about online coupons.

-- Coupon lovers are 220% more likely than abstainers to highly value tradition, and 96% more likely to highly value self-direction.

-- People who identify social responsibility as the most important element of a good work culture stand out as 151% more likely to be coupon lovers than abstainers.

-- Devoutly religious people are 31% more likely to be coupon lovers and substantially less likely to be coupon abstainers.

-- Libertarians are 47% more likely to be online coupon users.


Profile of a coupon "hater":


-- Self-identified insecure, temperamental people are 33% more likely to be abstainers.

-- Detached, sophisticated, careless and procrastinating people are also each at least 20% more likely to be coupon abstainers.

-- Men are 27% more likely to be coupon abstainers.

-- Insecure, low-income men are the quintessential coupon abstainers, being 130% more likely to avoid online coupons. Those with household incomes of less than $50,000 per year are a fifth as likely to be coupon lovers.

Tim Koelkebeck, MyType's CEO, explained, "Going into the study, we expected to find more online coupon lovers in low-income households and more abstainers in high-income households. We were astonished to discover that the exact opposite is true. We found some explanation, however, in the personality data. It turned out that low-income individuals who are also insecure are particularly likely to abstain from using online coupons."


The poll, surveyed 8,500 people in August 2010. Learn more about this poll at: is an online community dedicated to saving you time and money when you shop online, brought to you by a team of Internet professionals who are passionate about finding great buys at super low prices. We scour the Web to find the best coupons, promo codes, close-out and clearance sales, deals, exclusive offers, rebates and savings. We update the site daily so please check whenever you shop online. is still in beta mode. We have big plans to make our site better and will soon be offering new features designed to help you shop smarter.


WhaleShark Media is an Austin Ventures backed portfolio company focused on the coupon and deal web publisher space.


MyType provides personality, political and other psychographic surveys at and on Facebook, making it fun to learn about yourself and compare results with friends. Over 800,000 people have completed our surveys, and thousands more complete them each day. We leverage this rich data platform to conduct original market and political research. For custom demographic and psychographic opinion research, contact us at or 201-285-8271. You can learn more about MyType here



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