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RetailMeNot's Exclusive Wedding Cost Breakdown With a Lifestyle and Etiquette Expert

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Attending a wedding can be an expensive ordeal for all involved. Whether a guest, member of a bridal party, or getting married yourself – there is a lot of speculation about etiquette and what you are expected to spend. RetailMeNot cleared up the confusion by chatting with nationally recognized lifestyle and etiquette expert, Elaine Swann. As the founder of The Swann School of Protocol, Elaine sheds lights on all of the customs and traditions. From group gifting to declining bridal party invitations and more - Elaine answers all of the burning questions to keep you from burning a hole in your wallet.

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For her full list of Swann's etiquette and spending advice, head to the RetailMeNot blog, The Real Deal. 

Wedding Guests Most Frequently Asked Questions:

1. In your recent survey, what surprised you the most? 

Swann claims that the thing that took her by surprise the most was that millennials are spending a lot of money on weddings. In fact, more than a quarter have spent upward of $500 to attend weddings over the past year.

2. Is it okay to decline being in a wedding party if you can't afford the commitment?

As a wedding coordinator of 10 years, Elaine has seen multiple times where bridal party members decided they could not participate. According to the expert, the best practice is to be honest and let them know as soon as possible before committing to the job.

3. More people are asking for cash to help pay for a honeymoon or future travel - Is asking for money frowned upon?

It is becoming more common to ask for cash with group funds offered on sites like Swann says, "In our modern times, you are not supposed to ask for anything in terms of gifts. Instead of putting anything into the wedding invitation, you share information about the registry with family who can spread the word, and you can put it onto your wedding website, including language that gives instructions should someone wish to give money rather than a different gift."

4. Do you tip at an open bar?

When a married couple commissions staffing for their wedding, they have already included the bartender's fee plus tip. If a staff member goes above and beyond or creates something that is not on the menu, by all means it's acceptable to tip, but there is never a requirement.

5. When you are getting married, do you need to tip every vendor from the videographer and DJ to the makeup artists and caterers?

While you are securing vendors for your event, Elaine says couples are not required to give everyone a tip. When companies give their rates, they are providing rates with the gratuity included. If a vendor goes above and beyond, additional compensation is at your discretion.

For more information on spending etiquette and ways to save on weddings, visit RetailMeNot and The Real Deal. 

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