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"WTF Did I Spend My Money On?" RetailMeNot Launches Program Highlighting What Consumers Spend Their Money On Most Frequently
Campaign Kicks Off with Release of New Video Featuring Comedians Sara and Erin Foster, Providing Consumers with Humorous Tips on How to Save Money

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- RetailMeNot, a digital savings destination, knows many shoppers find themselves asking "WTF did I spend my money on?" at some point in their lives. RetailMeNot believes price should never get in the way of people getting the things they love, so they created a program called "WTF Did I Spend My Money On?" highlighting how everyday expenses often leave shoppers wondering where all their money went. RetailMeNot provides multiple savings solutions for shoppers across multiple categories, as part of the program, they teamed up with comedians, Sara and Erin Foster of VH1's "Barely Famous," to create a video that brings some much-needed humor to the stressful conversation about spending and saving.

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Certain habits, beauty routines, food cravings and fashion must-haves require some spending, but fear not because there are easy ways to save on life's little, and sometimes big, luxuries. One is by checking the RetailMeNot free app or website for ways to save money with each purchase. Whether it's a coupon, discounted gift card, a promo code or a cash back rebate, RetailMeNot offers over 500,000 deals and offers for more than 50,000 retailers and restaurants allowing shoppers to buy what they want with a little less regret. RetailMeNot will post a "WTF" special report on their blog, The Real Deal, providing additional tips on how shoppers can creatively save.

RetailMeNot did research to see exactly how much money shoppers are spending on their favorite must-haves.


  • Nearly half (48%) of consumers spend money on coffee every week, spending an average of $18 a week. This adds up to a whopping $936 a year on coffee alone.
  • Over four in five (85%) shoppers buy groceries weekly, spending an average of $115. And nearly three-quarters (74%) of consumers spend money eating out every week, spending an average of $58. This adds up! Those eating out spend an average of $3,016 dollars a year.
  • Consumers who use car services like Uber and Lyft spend an average of $45 a week. That comes to $2,340 over the course of a year!
  • People who use meal delivery services like Seamless or spend an average of $42.44 a week, or $2,206.88 a year.
  • Cheers! Nearly half (48%) of those who were surveyed ages 21+ say they purchase beer in a typical month, spending an average of $50 – for a total of $600 a year!
  • Millennials (20-35) typically purchase more beer on a monthly basis than older consumers ($75 vs. $39), meaning Millennials spend an average of $900 a year on beer!
  • Red or white? More than two in five (43%) those who are of drinking age purchase wine in a typical month, spending an average of $51. That adds up to over $600 in a year in wine.
  • Turns out people spend more money on their dogs than cats. Dog owners spend $221 on pet supplies in a typical month, and cat owners spend an average of $192.
  • Grooming is not cheap. Per year, consumers spend an average of $1,471.08 on manicures and pedicures and $1,457.56 on haircuts and hairstyling.

*This data is a result of a June 2016 survey deployed by RetailMeNot and Kelton.

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