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Man City Top Premiership Value League Table for FIFTH Consecutive Year
- City’s home fans paid just £34.68 per win - Burnley bottom of the Value League - Chelsea beaten by Man United to finish third in the value league
Whilst Manchester City didn’t manage to top the Premier League this year, recent research shows their fans have cause to celebrate as City have been crowned best value club in the Value League.
The annual Football Value League Table examines how much season ticket holders paid per win and per goal on home turf over the 2014/15 season*. Manchester City consistently delivers great value for money to their season ticket holders, and the results of this year’s table reveal their reign as best value club continues with City taking the top spot for the fifth consecutive year. The Blues won an impressive 74 per cent of their home games meaning season ticket holders paid the equivalent of just £34.68 per win at the Etihad Stadium - or £11.03 per goal scored during a home game. 
Rivals United have made a bit of a comeback after a disappointing performance last year, after coming 8th in the Value League in 2014 they have risen through the ranks to claim second place in this year’s table. Their supporters will be pleased to discover they paid £50.93 per home win this year, £28.29 less than they did in the 2013/14 season. Despite a performance on the pitch, Premiership champions Chelsea have had to settle for third place in the Value League this year with their fans paying £51.13 per win at Stamford Bridge.
After a disappointing season all round, Burnley are not only facing relegation but have also come bottom of the Value League. The Clarets won just four of their home games in the 2014/15 Premiership (21 per cent), meaning Burnley’s season ticket holders paid a massive £156.45 for each win at Turf Moor - or £44.70 for each goal.
Stoke City fans can also be pleased with their team’s home performance; despite finishing around the middle of the Premier League Table, Stoke is the fourth best value team to support with their fans paying just £57.37 per win at the Britannia Stadium. Conversely, Crystal Palace’s respectable 10th place in the Premiership is not reflected in the Value League – their fans shelled out an eye-watering £114.75 for each win at Selhurst Park, making them the third worst value for money team to support. 
This year’s Value League Table has seen some notable shifts in rankings from 2014. After a less successful home performance over the 2014/15 season, Liverpool has fallen six places from fourth place in 2014 to 10th this year. Conversely, Southampton have risen seven places in this year’s table – jumping from a disappointing 15th position in the 2013/14 Value League to finish 7th this year.
Top Ten Best Value Premier League Clubs:


£ per goal

£ per win


Manchester City




Manchester United








Stoke City




Swansea City








West Ham




Newcastle United




Leicester City







Devoted Newcastle fans who went to every away game over the season will have travelled the farthest distance to support their team, covering a massive 4,052 miles – that’s the length of 62,000 football pitches**. Meanwhile, Aston Villa’s supporters will have journeyed around half of that distance to see each away game, a total of 2,134 miles.
Anita Naik, lifestyle editor of comments: “Most footy fans are more concerned about whether their team will win or lose rather than how much they pay to be a part of the atmosphere at home games. But with the average Premiership season ticket holder parting with £504 to cheer their team from the stands, it’s interesting to see how different the Value League Table is from the final Premier League results. 
“Sadly for football fans you’re unlikely to find a discount code for a season ticket, but it is possible to make savings on your day-to-day purchases to make affording that prized seat to watch your team a little easier. By checking online before you buy, or downloading voucher website’s free smartphone apps,  it’s possible to make savings on everything from groceries and homeware to days out and meals at restaurants – meaning you’ll have more cash available for a half time treat on match day!”
Notes to editors:
* Cost per win/goal calculated on the cheapest price of a 2014/15 adult season ticket, home shirt, scarf and also a pie and pint at each home game.
** 4,052 miles = 6,521,061.88 metres
6,521,061.88 ÷ 105m (preferred length professional pitch) = 62,105.35
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