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Introducing What's Next in Retail Marketing: The RetailMeNot Circular and RetailMeNot Showcase™
RetailMeNot Offers Retailers and Brands an Efficient Alternative to Old-School Print Promotions With Launch of New Digital Retailer Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- RetailMeNot (NASDAQ: SALE), a leading digital offers destination that helps consumers save money, today announced the rollout of two new products within its portfolio of solutions to help retailers and brands increase sales and grow awareness: RetailMeNot Circulars and RetailMeNot Showcase™.

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Retail executives were polled for a recent survey, conducted by Kelton Research, which found that 75 percent of retailers believe digital advertising delivers a higher ROI than offline advertising, including circulars and direct mail. The launch of RetailMeNot's Circulars and Showcase™ solutions comes at a time when more retail promotions than ever are going digital.

"RetailMeNot's new Circulars and Showcase solutions enable our advertising partners to efficiently engage consumers during their discovery and research phase of shopping. These curated product collections drive awareness for retailers and brands while also converting window shoppers into buyers—both online and in-store," said Cotter Cunningham, the CEO and founder of RetailMeNot, Inc. "For months, dozens of retailers participated in testing these native advertising solutions, and we are extremely pleased with the brand awareness, traffic and sales results."

RetailMeNot Circulars

A faithful translation of retail print promotions into desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly digital formats, RetailMeNot Circulars help consumers find information about the latest products and sales from their favorite retailers and brands. Consumers are comfortable with the format after years of seeing it in the Sunday paper, but RetailMeNot Circulars takes the analog version several steps further. As an example, RetailMeNot Circulars help consumers find nearby brick-and-mortar stores with a single click. RetailMeNot will also match coupons and offers with the circular solution to help ensure consumers maximize their savings. 

Features and benefits include:

  • Mass reach through all RetailMeNot touch points: mobile, tablet and desktop
  • High-resolution imagery to inspire the shopper
  • Integrated coupons to maximize savings and sales
  • Built-in maps to find nearby stores
  • Detailed attribution and path-to-purchase analytics to prove results
  • Cost-per-click pricing ensures that advertisers only pay when consumers engage with the Circular

Retailers and brands can take advantage of Circulars by contacting RetailMeNot at

RetailMeNot Showcase™

The print circular, look book and catalog have all gone digital. With RetailMeNot Showcase™, these promotional formats have all been reimagined for the mobile-first shopper. The new Showcase product gives retailers and brands a way to curate and highlight their most popular products while leveraging a proven mobile design interface. RetailMeNot Showcase is a fully omni-channel experience, giving the consumer the choice to buy online or shop in-store while driving results for the retailer or brand across both channels. 

With the Showcase solution, consumers can find inspiration for their next shopping trip by browsing a curated set of price-reduced products, e.g., an apparel company's summer swimwear collection. The solution is fully turnkey, with RetailMeNot leveraging its expertise in merchandising and digital marketing to design, develop and display Showcases that meet each advertiser's objectives.

Features and benefits include:

  • Drive shopper engagement with exceptional visual storytelling and branding across all RetailMeNot touch points: mobile, tablet, and desktop
  • Launch high-impact custom campaigns with minimal retailer effort
  • Pair coupons, offers and other promotions with curated products to trigger purchases
  • Flexible purchase paths allow the user to choose buying online or shopping in-store
  • Detailed attribution and path-to-purchase analytics to prove results
  • Cost-per-click pricing ensures that advertisers only pay when consumers engage with the Showcase

Retailers and brands can take advantage of the Showcase solution by contacting RetailMeNot at

The Market Opportunity

In 2013, eMarketer reported that the U.S. retail industry's advertising spending on paid digital media would hit $9.42 billion in 2013 and rise to $13.50 billion by 2017, for a 10.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). That same year, the catalog industry reported $110 billion in catalog sales.[1]

"Retailers are spending billions every year to reach a large number of consumers in the United States with antiquated printed catalogs, circulars and free-standing inserts that do little to prove their investment returns. RetailMeNot's Circulars and Showcase™ solutions represent a future of more cost-effective and attributable marketing solutions that we believe will increase sales and engagement for retailers and brands," said Jag Bath, senior vice president of product at RetailMeNot, Inc. "We're excited to provide another opportunity for our partners to attract RetailMeNot's growing base of users."

A few points about RetailMeNot's reach and scale:

  • At-Scale Audience: RetailMeNot received more than 625 million visits to its websites globally in the last 12 months ending June 30, 2014.
  • Multiple Consumer Touch Points: By the end of the second quarter of 2014:
    • More than 35 percent of global site traffic for RetailMeNot was mobile (excluding app sessions)
    • More than 23 million global consumers subscribe to a RetailMeNot email newsletter
    • RetailMeNot apps have been downloaded globally more than 18.5 million times
    • More than 15,000 geo-fenced shopping locations in the United States push contextual offers to users via the free, location-aware RetailMeNot app available on iTunes or Google Play.

Case studies for leading retailers who have successfully used RetailMeNot's proprietary digital promotions to drive in-store sales and foot traffic are available at:

Consumers can download the free RetailMeNot app by visiting

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[1] American Catalog Mailers Association, 2013, US Census LTM Q1 2013

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