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Food Spend UK - Brits still a nation of takeaway addicts
Despite the economic gloom the latest research from reveals the UK is still a nation with an appetite for a takeaway – with the average person spending at least £110 on breakfast, lunch and dinner out of the house every month.
  • The average Brit will eat  12 takeaways every month
  • Londoners have the biggest fast food habit, costing each person £2,659.56 a year 
  • Chinese replaces fish and chips as the nation’s favourite takeaway
  • Men biggest fast food fiends, spending £294.62 more than women on takeaways annually

Despite the economic gloom the latest research* from reveals the UK is still a nation with an appetite for a takeaway – with the average person spending at least £110 on 12 fast food meals every month. 

The British capital steals the top spot as the nation’s fast food capital, with the average Londoner chowing down on as many as 13 takeaways and six meals out each month at an average cost of £221.63 – more than double the national spend. Nearby Chelmsford residents emerge as amongst the thriftiest in the country however, spending just £43.19 on meals they haven’t prepared themselves. 

Men are the biggest fast food fiends, with the average male splurging on 151 takeaway and restaurant meals every year; 25 more than women. And while women are four times as likely to order dishes like sushi, men prefer to opt for the unhealthier classics – with fish and chips, curry and Chinese the top choices. 

Despite being the first choice for men, fish and chips has slipped from the takeaway top spot overall** - overtaken by Chinese and Indian food in the list of the nation’s favourite takeaways.  

Takeaway top 10 – the nation’s favourites:    
1.    Chinese    
2.    Indian
3.    Fish and chips    
4.    Pizza    
5.    Southern Fried Chicken    
6.    Kebab    
7.    Thai
8.    Burger
9.    Sushi    
10.    Italian

25-34 year olds are the biggest consumers of takeaways with 49 per cent of young professionals claiming they rely on takeaways because they don’t have the time or inclination to cook at home. The habit costs them a staggering £2,626.92 each year – double the amount spent by people aged 45 and over. 

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of says: “Takeaway meals are now part of everyday life for busy consumers and eating on the fly no longer needs to be an unhealthy or expensive option. Britain has always been a nation of food lovers, and with nearly every type of cuisine available on the go throughout Britain’s city centres, it no surprise to see consumers forking out so much on food each year.

“Whether eating out or eating in, there are some great deals online for anyone who doesn’t fancy cooking but still wants to eat nutritionally and keep costs down.”

Notes to editors:
*Research carried out 19th-20th March 2013 by OnePoll on behalf of with a sample of 2000 UK adults
**Based on research carried out by One Poll on behalf of between 4th – 5th July 2012 in order to ascertain the nation’s favourite takeaway. 

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