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Three quarters of smartphone users have never made a purchase on their device
Just one in four smartphone users (24 per cent) have used their phone to make an online purchase, research from leading shopping site has found.
  • Just one in four have used their phone to shop online
  • Security fears biggest barrier to using latest technology

Just one in four smartphone users (24 per cent) have used their phone to make an online purchase, research from leading shopping site has found.
With smartphone sales set to top those of traditional mobile handsets for the first time this year*, the study revealed unwieldy websites and security fears are preventing consumers from shopping on their devices.
Navigation issues
Despite the screen size of smartphones increasing dramatically over the last few years, more than a third of smartphone users (37 per cent) claimed they avoided mobile shopping as retailers’ websites we’re too difficult to navigate on their phones. Of those surveyed, a quarter (26 per cent) claimed they didn’t make purchases on their smartphones as like to shop around for the best deal and this takes too long on a mobile device.
The study also asked what would encourage consumers to shop on their mobiles. One in four (27 per cent) want smarter websites that are easier to navigate and transact through on their phones and a fifth feel apps that make shopping easier would encourage them to make purchases on their mobile.
Security concerns
A shocking forty-four per cent of people revealed the reason they hadn’t made a purchase using their mobile was because they didn’t trust the safety of their phone’s internet connection. Those that would consider using the technology are only prepared to use their phone to make smaller purchases, with less than half (44 per cent) comfortable making purchases over £20.
Female shoppers seem more uncomfortable transacting through their mobile than men, with 46 per cent worrying about security issues, compared to 39 per cent of men. In addition, the average amount female shoppers were comfortable spending through a mobile browser was just £46, with men happy to fork out £65 when shopping on a smartphone.
Duncan Jennings, co-founder of says: “Smartphones have become an essential piece of kit for most UK consumers, so it’s surprising to discover so many still aren’t comfortable shopping on their phones. Security seems to be a real issue, but the truth is that mobile transactions have never been safer, although as with all online shopping, consumers are generally better off sticking to reputable sites they know and trust. 
“Mobile retail represents a huge opportunity for UK retailers, but navigation seems to be a major sticking point for shoppers. While many websites remain incredibly difficult to browse on a phone, increasing numbers of retailers are addressing this issue and improving their mobile offerings. With well-known tools such as retail apps and mobile websites, and new technology like responsive web design coming to the fore, customers will find shopping when out and about much easier in the future."
Notes to Editors:
Research was carried out by One Poll with 2000 smartphone users on 21th February 2013

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